My name is Peter Isaacs. I’m a quick-witted, digital first creative, who’s just moved back to Melbourne, after a three and a half year stint in London, where I worked as a senior creative for the small but "constantly punching above their weight" digital agency, Impero.

In my time at Impero, I helped the agency grow from 12, to just under 30, having led and won multiple pitches. I’ve worked on major brand overhauls for key Pernod Ricard brands, small budget campaigns and stunts, and have been nominated for 'Best Viral' and 'Small Budget' campaign in The Drum’s Social Buzz Awards. During my final year at Impero I ran the editorial team, which involved mentoring two junior social creatives, leading pitches and working closely with other departments such as the development and design to ensure our creative was executed as envisioned.

I’m of the opinion that brands looking to make an impact with millennials should be focusing their efforts on digital, social and experiential. These platforms provide a deeper level of engagement which millennials crave, while using more traditional forms of media (TV, print, OOH) for amplification. I also believe that now more than ever brands have a unique opportunity to make positive impacts in underground youth culture, by helping and supporting artists grow into the creatives they want to be. On a small level, this could be throwing a free party for a clothing launch and getting a young and upcoming sculpture artist to create a mini golf course. On a medium level it could be creating a piece of content around an artist, such as Noisey and Pepsi Max’s 48 Hour Mixtape series. Finally on a bigger scale it could be running events similar to Red Bull Music Academy, and supporting artists from the ground up. By doing this brands create meaningful and authentic relationships with tastemakers and their followers, which will in turn ensure longevity and a following for their future communications. For me it’s this idea of authenticity that places Vice in such a unique position, making it a place that I want to be a part of.

I want to create authentic content that’s entertaining. I want to create ideas that resonate with their target audience, and most importantly I want those ideas to be seen. I want to help brands have meaningful interactions with their target markets, and I do not think there is a better platform to do that than Vice. Before the proliferation of online content and digital video, Vice was the first place that I would go. I remember collecting free Vice magazines from PSC Skateboard shop on Swanston Street. I remember watching documentaries on North Korea, Donk, and Travel Guides to the most dangerous places in the world on VBS.TV. Ahead of time you saw where audiences were shifting to in 2006, and I want to be a part of where they’ll be going 2026.

Finally, my professional history in advertising and my personal endeavours make me that perfect hybrid-styled creative that you seek. I’ve worked 70 hour weeks as a chef, I’ve wanted to claw my eyes out in dead boring admin jobs, I’ve run my own business touring electronic artists in Australia, I’ve DJ’d around Australia and London, I’ve written scripts and been involved in a grassroots music organisation in London (CDR), whose remit is to provide a safe space for producers to learn and collaborate with one another. I’ve got chutzpah and I feel like I’ve done a lot in only 30 years... and hopefully with Vice I’ll get to do a lot more!

I trust this application finds you well, and I very much hope to hear from you soon!


Peter Isaacs