Campo Viejo came to us wanting to enhance the at home drinking experience using digital. This was a strange idea to us, as who would want to go on their computer or phone while drinking a glass of wine? It wasn't long however until an idea came to us. What if we turned Campo Viejo’s packaging into into a free set of Google Cardboard goggles, to deliver an immersive experience the the user can enjoy with their friends? Enter the Campo Viejo 360 experience.

Made with a mobile/VR-first standpoint the 360 experience transports the user to Rioja, in Northern Spain. Here they can fly across the region, discover the winemaking process and even have a tasting with Campo Viejo’s head winemaker. The site will begin to be rolled out later this year, with in-store activations beginning mid-next year in the UK.

You can view the website here.


Creative     Peter Isaacs & Pete Ashworth

Design     Ade Chong, Romain Briaux, Andres Clerc

Dev     Pedro Valentim

Strategy     Dan Deeks-Osburn

Creative Director     Michael Scantlebury

Account Director     Lauren McGregor