As Red Bull Australia's music consultancy, we were asked to amplify their association with music on social. Our strategy was to make the most of a moment and break down their events, films and articles into snackable pieces of content that would fly on social.

Set staples

If you're in to dance music, you know that the best DJs dig deep to find rare records you've never heard before. In this series, we helped Red Bull promote their dance music events during Red Bull Music Festival, with content that let viewers see what records were on high rotation for some of Melbourne's most loved DJs.


Guess the lyric

Red Bull was already creating a great series called 64 bars. However, it only really lived on YouTube. Our idea was to break the videos into bite-sized chunks and use Instagram's quiz feature to make them interactive.



Red Bull had a key focus on hip hop and dance hall fans. To help promote these events, we created Firestarters - an IGTV series that looked at a DJs steamiest moments behind the decks, along with the tracks which went with them.

Turning stories into stories

Red Bull was creating great content on their website; however, the only way they were getting people there was via promoted posts on Facebook. To help their audience get a taste of what was on the website,  we turned their stories into stories by breaking them down into their simplest form. This allowed users to get a taste of the article and swipe up for more.


Creative:    Peter Isaacs 

Camera:     Ed Gurr

Editing:      Ryan Pobar

Strategy:   Will Long and Peter Isaacs